Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A is for Archrival

What is it with gym class? Why is it that your childhood gym teacher is so rarely the fondly remembered favorite teacher? 

More often the gym teacher is categorized with the worst babysitter who adhered to your parents TV and bedtime rules or the substitute that always made you stay seated until after the bell, so you were late lining up for the bus, so you had to sit up front.  

And the whistle, the tool of shame. Ask any dog. It's never blown as a compliment.  Gym class in Phoenix in the seventies included gold satin shorts that would have made Richard Simmons giddy. Before that they were a thick rubbery double knit so how could we complain, really?  And we were required to shower after gym.  Miss Doolittle was very firm on this point.  There were three prison style pillars with multiple spouts. Middle school is the perfect age for this, instilling an abundance of confidence, especially since no one had provided hairdryers or curling irons to repair our painstakingly feathered hair.  

The Presidents Fitness Challenge was the perfect opportunity for preadolescent anguish. We girls waited in line outside Miss Doolittle's office and went in one at a time to be weighed. Puberty can strike at 10 or 14 and it sucks either way.  Horrifying.  I don't think it factored into the fitness challenge other than to mess with you.  The V-sit, curl ups and pull ups and mile run weren't enough I suppose. 

The best part of gym class, other than the rumors about Miss Doolittle, was the daily reading aloud of Forever by Judy Blume by an older eighth grader who had the classic look of a 13 year old who probably had a fake ID and could borrow her dad's girlfriend's car.  She claimed that she used tampons. Need I say more?  Listening to her read the sexy parts of Forever almost made up for the disco shorts and the shower torture. 

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  1. You and I had gym class in different eras, but the feelings are the same. It's really rough if you're just not the least bit athletic. You'll appreciate this story: we had to run the track and three rather heavy girls were just walking. The gym teacher yelled to them, "Run girls. Pretend you're going to a picnic." Today that gym teacher could get fired for that.
    Visiting from A to Z.

    1. Wendy thanks for the comment! It seems universal, this shaming behavior of PE Teachers - I am still at odds with a overly employed PE teacher at my kid's school. It just seems to never end.

      Happy writing!

  2. Hi Mary - gym was never my favourite time .. I was fine with ball sports .. but the gym not that enthusiastic about some of it .. no archrival as I wasn't good enough!

    I hope you enjoy the A-Z and can meet lots of like-minded bloggers .. enjoy your time .. cheers Hilary

    1. thank you Hilary! Same to you, enjoy your blogging.