Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Valor, or maybe Victory?

The Armchair Squid has has chosen to bestow upon me the Liebster award. Well, myself and ten others. I am now obligated to layout 11 fun facts about moi, answer the 11 questions the Squid posed (really good ones), award it to 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions. They in turn can, if they wish, follow the same steps to keep the award going. Check out his link so you can get to know him a little better, too. I hope I'm doing this right (write?) 

Eleven Millvallison Factoids:

1.   I am a retired skier. Meaning I no longer feel compelled to ski, or shlep anything related to skiing. Ever.

2.   I buy pretty much all my edibles at our local Farmer’s Markets. 

3.   David Lee Roth > Sammy Hagar. Duh.

4.   My computer is seriously overdue for an upgrade. 

5.   My daugher uses a sonicscrewdriver tooth brush.  If you understand, we can be friends.

6.   She, my third child was not a ‘surprise’, but thanks for asking.

7.   I allowed my two sons to stop cutting their hair in middle school.  One hasn’t cut it since, and he starts college in the fall. Because Santa Cruz needs more dreadlocks.

8.    During our annual summer trip to Texas, one year I made a split second decision to detour north to Archer City to see the crumbling theater from Larry McMurtry’s The Last Picture Show.  Everyone got Dairy Queen, so there were minimal complaints.

9.   I’ve been hugged by Eddie Vedder. 

10.    Coffee is my drug, my jesus, my love.

11.     #9 is better than you can imagine.

Eleven Squid questions:

1.   If you could live one year of your life again, which would you choose and why? 
I would say possibly one of my post college NYC years, I would go out and do and see more art & music.  So many of the artists and musicians who were active in the late 80’s are no longer with us.

2.   If you could be good or better at one thing without putting the time and work, what would it be? 
Blues singer or guitarist.

3.   You’ve been invited to join a bowling league and you may choose any five people to be on your team. There’s only one catch: you can only pick fictional characters.  Whom would you choose? 
Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes, Aunt Bea, Lucy Ricardo, Harry Callaghan and Jamie Summers.

4.   How do you feel about pears? 
Juicy and delicious if in season, but can easily turn mealy.

5.   How do you feel about the metric system?  
It has let me down.

6.   The doctor knocks on your door. He’ll take you to visit any place on earth at any point in history (he always seems to make the choices with intersetellar travel). Where and when do you choose?
Creation of the earth, end of the dinosaur age, or a great lost weekend at mardi gras with well connected locals who know all the right places to go.

7.   If you could learn any new language, which would you choose? 
Spanish for practical travel, Elvish for Comicon

8.   You have one personal quality which eventually annoys everyone in you life including on occasion yourself. What is it an do you feel its within you power to change it? 
Negativity/pessimism.  Probably not.

9.   If you knew when you were younger what you’d be doing with your life now, how might you have planned things differently? Do you think your life would be truly better overall if you had? 
I would have worried significantly less about getting my kids into the right preschool and traveled more. Yes, possibly

10.  If all went south and you had to turn to a life of crime (assuming you haven’t already) what line of dirty work would you choose? 
I’m guessing there’s gonna be something shady happening with electric car chargers/solar panels that I’m not dialed in enough to know about – it’s going to be energy related. Or possibly like the fake tweet that was read by an investing algorithm and tanked the stock market for a few hours.  that was pretty surprising.  to me.

11.How do you get your geek on? 
Vicariously, through my kids mostly. Dr. Who, the new Star Trek movie next month. Discussing LOTR with my son. Hubble telescope photos of deep space.The usual.

It is my great honor to present the Liebster Award to:

5. A Daft Scots Lass (Jack White's girlfriend)

My eleven questions to pass on:

1. What's the first thing you ever wrote that you were proud of?

2. What kind of roller skates did you own/rent?

3. Did you name you bike as a kid? as an adult?

4. Has another person's dietary habits ever ended or threatened to end the relationship?

5. Is there a sport you could not live without following?

6. What is it about ketchup?

7. Have you ever shaved your head.  Have you ever wanted to? Why?

8. Is there a song you know the lyrics to that you will sing just to annoy people?

9. What is the first meal you learned to cook?  Do you still make it the same way?

10.  Have you ever turned down an invitation out of spite?

11.  Did you believe new sneakers made you run faster? What if they did? 

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  1. Congrats on your award, and thanks for thinking of me! Visiting the theater from The Last Picture Show and DQ sounds like the perfect outing. And who wouldn't want Aunt Bea on their bowling team?! I'm sure she'd bring enough pickles for everyone. You really did a great job with this, and it was fun learning more about you.


    1. Thank you Julie! I didn't think of pickles but she would bring a sensible snack.

  2. LOL! #6 of your factiods, yup. Me too. Silly New Yorkers. How will they respond when I got for #4? (Not looking forward to the "crazy-lady" looks, which is why we're in FL, not NY.) ;)

    1. Thank you Crystal-silly indeed. In Texas it would be considered in poor taste to assume. You'd save that talk for when the subject in question wasn't around!

  3. Congratulations! The metric system has let me down, too.

  4. Congratulations - great answers! New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to visiting again.


  5. Oh, thank you so much for playing. You have no idea how much it pleases me that you made a Last Picture Show pilgrimage. I adore that movie.

    1. It was trippy. McMurtry had bought most of the real estate around the square & converted the buildings to bookstores/storage. But there were no people. Could not find a single person to sell me the books. So many books! And the crumbling theatr.