Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Beach

I grew up in the desert, so I am never able to go to the beach without being in complete awe.  For twenty years now I have lived within a 20 minute drive of the beach, and each time I go I can’t believe how I’ve taken it for granted.  The waves never stop. I go about my week, or maybe two, before I go back and the waves have never stopped.

I like a fairly deserted weekday beach, with some fog.  I like a beach that requires fleece.  Tropical sunburn bikini beaches are just for wimps.  If I had the opportunity to hang out in Maui I would, but I really like the Marin beaches just fine.  Body surfing in San Diego is fun but if your feet don’t get a bit numb, it just isn’t the same. 

I collect sand dollars and sea glass, throw sticks for the dog,  find weird dead or rusted things at low tide. Mostly I appreciate that  it’s always there.  All that churning salt water and briny wind is cleansing.

I found myself drawn to the beach the morning of 9/11.  Just sat on a log and watched the ocean do its thing.  Last December I took my dog to the beach threw sticks and a found ball for most of an hour, then sat on the log while I waited to hear the outcome of my son’s arraignment in Seattle.  I let the beach remind me that I’m not in control. 

The waves never stop. The hiss and roar have been continual, since before any of us and will keep rolling long after us.  Oblivious of us.  When we are gone the sand dollars and sea glass will just pile up.  

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  1. I adore the beach too. I used to live within walking distance in the uk and I really miss being near the sea. I must make more effort to go, like you. Another great pic :)

  2. Totally get you. I grew up in the desert and am still awed by the water. When I was commuting from SF to Berkeley I often took the bus instead of BART--the BUS--so I could cross a bridge and look at water.

  3. Mary Allison, Oh, your post makes me yearn for the beach! I used to live within a short driving distance and I'd take walks on the beach during class breaks. The cool sand between my toes and finding treasures...

    Thanks for the post and bringing back memories.

    The Write Soil

  4. I love the sea. We live in a landlocked state (Vermont) and I find annual trips to the ocean to be a spiritual necessity.

  5. I also love walking along the beach, and the more covered up the better. This was beautifully written. Glad to meet you through A to Z, and I look forward to following your adventures.


  6. Here in the UK all beaches are fleece beaches.

    Moody Writing

  7. I'm a beach person. I live about 5 minutes' walk from the beach, and me and my dog go down there in all weather. We prefer it when it's raining or snowing as we get the whole thing to ourselves. She gets to run and play and dig without any distractions.