Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Knowing

breakfast at Mama's

Unseen threads of psychic spider web link me to my children in good and terrible ways. Many choose to take a broom to those webs.  But if you are very quiet and can be very brave, if you are listening to your gut, and paying attention, you know. A mother knows.

It used to creep me out when a random thought would pop into my head and my eldest son would start asking me about it.  Something would remind me of my sister and then for some reason I would be thinking of her Teva sandals and my son would ask me if he could get new water sandals because his were too small.  Something would remind me of my family in Texas, a pickup truck or the clouds and my son would say, “I wish we had Sonic here.”  I got used to it.  The nagging pull from him is constant.

maybe just practicing?
It didn’t happen as often with my second son, but he was much more cerebral, less verbal.  He was also a sleepwalker so my mission was different.  I woke up at 2 am and immediately knew.  He was outside, in the rain, in his footed pj’s, fishing with a plush fabric pole that had Velcro at the end of the line, to pick up felt fish. Sound asleep but successfully catching felt fish. 

My daughter, is just a different animal altogether. I think her first words were: “What’s next?” She’s the one who took the broom to the webs, as she just blazes a trail to whatever it is she needs.  

Sea Ranch was on the To Do list
A very articulate communicator from the get go, she started making to do lists before she could write. She was slightly jig saw puzzle obsessed. There was no such thing as Not Finishing the Puzzle. My job has always been to create a cocoon for her to relax and not be so task oriented.  I kept her home until she was four, unlike her brothers, who would have loved preschool at 11 months, right? She was fun to hang out with, hike, go to the beach, anywhere without puzzles. She still is.  They all are really.  The mother web is intact.

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  1. My youngest son was yelling at me to put Brave on the tv the entire time I read this. :)He's the trailblazer in my family.

  2. I LOVE the photos. Those cheeks!